We are husare. We are, what others promise: creative, agile, collaborative and love brand communications from the inside out. Also, we have a passion for digital creation.
Country: GermanyEstablished: 1979Employees: 70+

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The boss in charge


Husare was founded in a garage in 1979 and since then has become one of the leading communication agencies in Germany based in Emsdetten with additional offices in Münster and Hamburg.
As a communication agency we are part of the GWA, the German Association of leading communication agencies and live the passion for creativity from the inside out for us and our customers.
Our expertise is summed up in internal corporate communication, brand building & brand strategy, brand communication, employer branding, sales communication, Public Relations, Online & Content Marketing.
h/BEAT, the creative subsidiary of husare, is located in the middle of Hamburg and responsible for creative digital campaigns. Also, we maintain a collaborative partnership with the digital agency onacy that is highly specialized in Online Marketing in terms of Web design, IT, E-Commerce and Coding. This enables us to develop the strategic base of a communication campaign as well as its implementation across all relevant channels, creatively and technically.

Our recent work


Businesses advance when their brands are welcomed by consumers. That’s the art which we perform.
Employer Branding is not a passing fashion. The performance of a brand is directly linked to employee performance. To say hello is not enough.
lluminate your brands or projects through personal engagement and with authenticity.
The key to a good website sits with the development team and their ability to make sure that all online roads lead somewhere meaningful.
What’s Google without SEO? It’s a complicated art, but our team will make sure your business embraces its keywords and ranks at the top of search pages.
Search Engine Advertising is a paid marketing model and an effective means of generating traffic and conversions. Don’t worry – we’ll make it easy for you.
What was once the name of an inspiring global industry is losing its lustre. Today it is more misunderstood than liked. But not by us because we’re passionate about it.
Some say that Public Relations can be more powerful than advertising. But that depends on who manages it and what your objectives are.
Online marketing is a crucial element of strategy for the success of any business. We make sure your strategies are fresh, current, and successful.
Still using Comic Sans MS and simple backgrounds? When it comes to web design, it’s sometimes hard to decide what works best and what doesn’t. Luckily, our designers have years of experience to back up their decisions.
A successful strategy is the lever companies have when they’re able to connect the sum total of complex information to a precise plan. Want to know how we do it?