Agriculture – everyone likes it

Country: GermanyAgency:HUSAREClient: Landwirt schafft Leben GmbH

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How a pillar of society becomes tangible through real storytelling.

The Challenge

Milk prices, animal husbandry, the nitrate dispute: the relentless pressure of the media result in a bad look for an entire industry. However, the painted picture could not be further from the truth. With the “Agriculture – EVERYONE LIKES IT” campaign, farmers want to center themselves back in the middle of society and make themselves heard by consumers and in the political sphere. The goal is to establish farmers as the solutionists for macrosocial problems, that they are. To get out of the negative headlines. Towards positive stories about quality, origin and products from regional agriculture. Part of the challenge is therefore also to persuade the farmers themselves to take part in the campaign and to invest their money into building bridges with society for future generations.

The Solution

One of the key-content pieces of this campaign, used for Facebook and Instagram are the “farmer-stories”. Campaign-members open the doors to their farms and show society first-hand how they combine digitalization and animal husbandry for greater animal welfare, how they use the economic branch of renewable energy to provide local energy supply and help tackle climate change and how they provide regional goods for the consumer demand. In over 20 portraits these and many more topics are explored and consumers as well as farmers invited to take part in dialogue. The content is also adapted for social media as well as blog-content.

The Result

Reach YouTube: 825.105
Reach Instagram: 14.927.207
Page impressions Facebook: 40.787.360
Impressions Instagram Posts: 1.533.003
Impressions Facebook Posts: 6.525.757
Fans (Instagram & Facebook): 12.711
Average interaction rate Instagram: 4.30%
Average interaction rate Instagram Facebook: 6.15%