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Via Public Relations to talk-of-town in Germany

The Challenge

Since the beginning of the year, the shipping company Havila has been entrusted with providing the cities on the Norwegian coast with so called postal liner shipping. On the so-called “Hurtigruten” there have been at least two shipping companies in competition from the very beginning. In recent years, however, there has only been one shipping company, which has also renamed itself “Hurtigruten” at this time. So how do we place a new player on the shipping route that bears the same name as the competition? How do we place the four new ships that meet the highest environmental standards and on which sustainability plays the most important role? How do we show the press the electric drive with the world’s largest battery packs for cruise ships? The regional culinary highlights and the breathtaking nature of Norway?

The Solution

We invite the media to experience everything live on board! The two most important special media for the tourism industry and the largest weekly and daily newspapers in Germany, including the German press agency dpa. And everyone agreed. A total of 15 journalists went on the six-day tour from Bergen across the Arctic Circle to Kirkenes in March. Despite the strictest corona restrictions, the program included a visit to the bridge and a detailed tour of the engine room to explain the hybrid drive of environmentally friendly LNG and electric power to the media representatives. There was also a colorful program of sightseeing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, king crab fishing (and eating). On board, the chef de cuisine explained the concept of regional cuisine and made it clear that this concept causes only 75 grams of kitchen waste per passenger per day and that this is used for a biogas plant on board. And of course there was enough time to talk and enjoy the landscape.

The Result

Print Media Circulation: 2.246.943*
Online Media Reach: 450.000*
Total campaign reach: 6.517.357
Media equivalent value: EUR 1.389.953*
*the results are examined & proofed by Media Monitoring Service LANDAU MEDIA
ROI: 6.849,77 %