Building Brand-Awareness via sound of using the product
Country: GermanyAgency:HUSAREClient: Valensina GmbH

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The Challenge

HITCHCOCK in search of sound branding. Everyone probably knows the little green bottles with pure lime or lemon juice. But it is far less well known that the delicious not-from-concentrate juices come from HITCHCOCK. That should change.

The Solution

The focus of the three-part social-media-campaign with the slogan «TURN__UP», which will run until September 18th, is the community and the different uses for the juices with the colorful lids. One of the goals of the campaign is the creation of sound branding with the help of consumers. To do this, they are asked to record their experiences with HITCHCOCK juices on video and upload the results to a specially created landing page. The focus is on the sounds, such as the sizzling in the pan or the sound of deglazing with the spice juices. In the end, every participant can become part of HITCHCOCK’s new sound branding and win a prize or two along the way. The result of the efforts should then be a final video with a soundtrack that will be used for future marketing activities by the company. With the interactive sound branding strategy, we not only create brand recognition, but also trust. We actively involve our customers in the brand strategy and create an emotional connection. The idea of ​​an audio-focused approach differs pleasantly from other all sorts of things that are all about looks.

The Result

After 1 ½ months of 5 total period
Total campaign reach: 1.690.000 Reach/ 4.472.000 Impressions
PR Reach: 350.000
Interactions: 180.500