MÄRCHENWELTEN is located in Hamburg’s HafenCity; it is a novel and exciting concept to exhibit the fairy tales of the famed Brothers Grimm. Using an interactive edutainment method that reaches all senses this unique show event makes MÄRCHENWELTEN the world’s first exhibition of this type.
Country: GermanyAgency:HUSAREClient: MÄRCHENWELTEN

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Promotional online communication through strategic brand building.

The project

MÄRCHENWELTEN is the world’s first interactive exhibition about the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. These fairy tales are among the most important cultural treasures in German literature and have been bestsellers for more than 200 years. MÄRCHENWELTEN wanted to bring these fairy tales closer to the people and communicate their cultural values beyond their literary heritage. Two critical questions were: How to ensure that people got to know the exhibition even though it was not yet opened? How to communicate its existence across the entire customer journey channels?

The Challenge

husare faced several challenges: We had to create a brand logo for this novel concept, achieve high brand visibility among all German people at a time when the exhibition existed only as a concept but not yet in reality. Planning and realization were further impacted by a limited budget.

The Solution

Fairy tales create emotions and stir feelings; through this combination values are conveyed that become part of the national heritage. Thus, fairy tales touch all people, young and old. We positioned MÄRCHENWELTEN in Hamburg exactly along these lines and highlighted the interactive engagement available to all visitors.

husare and its Hamburg subsidiary h/BEAT together engaged in brand building and prepared the market entry as an interactive exhibition. We personalized the exhibition with famous people from Hamburg, such as the co-founder of the water brand Viva con Agua and engaged other public figures to achieve high awareness. We employed all relevant social media channels and used culture influencers plus classical PR tactics.

The Result

The new brand MÄRCHENWELTEN became instantaneously famous and a desirable destination. In the first couple of weeks after opening several thousand visitors entered MÄRCHENWELTEN. Despite the limited budget we achieved resounding results:

Total Social Media reach: 14,5 Mio.
Total Likes: 27 K
Total engagement rate FB: 1,66% | Instagram: 20%
Total Media reach PR: 210,4 Mio.