We are Active group from Bulgaria. We are a communication SWAT team of experienced experts with impressive results and happy clients who define us as quick, efficient, reliable and friendly.
Country: BulgariaEstablished: 2001Employees: 40+

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The boss in charge

Emonna Gesheva
Emonna Gesheva
Emonna Gesheva CEO

We are Active Group from Sofia, Bulgaria. We are a communication SWAT team of experienced professionals with impressive results and happy clients who define us as responsive, efficient, reliable, positive and friendly. Every colleague on the team alone has more than 15 years of experience in the business. Together we have over 170 years of dedication in communication. For us, there are no impossible projects and no unsolvable cases. For the past decade, we have developed and executed over 800 successful projects for more than 300 happy clients.
We are dedicated, attentive, strict, analytical, curious, creative and caring – our job is our passion. Anyone at our team completes the other so we explore different perspectives and achieve efficient multi-level solutions. Besides being colleagues, we are also good friends. Our success is measured by our long-term business relationships. Our dedication starts at 100% and we find solutions and opportunities in situations that are considered dead-ends by the others.

Our recent work

A successful strategy is the lever companies have when they’re able to connect the sum total of complex information to a precise plan. Want to know how we do it?
Businesses advance when their brands are welcomed by consumers. That’s the art which we perform.
Online marketing is a crucial element of strategy for the success of any business. We make sure your strategies are fresh, current, and successful.
Awareness is great. Activation is better. Interaction is King. We create complete brand experiences.
Employer Branding is not a passing fashion. The performance of a brand is directly linked to employee performance. To say hello is not enough.
lluminate your brands or projects through personal engagement and with authenticity.