Hi, we are Evista, an independent Hungarian digital agency. Our innovative online development products, market experience and technological competence help our customers reach their branding, business and trade objectives.
Country: HungaryEstablished: 2003Employees: 40+

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András Tóth
András Tóth
András Tóth CEO

We are a team of more than 40 dedicated software engineers, designers, and product people ready to transform an idea into a viable digital product. Throughout the years we have seen highs and lows but always strengthened our expertise of how to implement design thinking. An agile approach to our daily work ensures that we always deliver the final product which our clients need on time. We have delivered 100+ products and have 10+ years of experience in branding, designing and digital product development.
Besides our local client base, we also support fellow CommUnity members throughout Europe with design and development. The satisfaction level is high because we focus on our customers’ business needs at every step of the process. We train our people on a daily basis and ensure they’re constantly up to date on all tools and technology stack.

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We are strong in branding and rebranding, we listen to our client’s needs, come up with innovative ideas, and present them in a manner that transmits our original thinking and approach. Our goal is to help them reach their audience in the most effective way possible.
51% of customers reportedly use their mobile phones to discover new brands and services. If your app is as attractive as the Emperor’s new clothes maybe you need a new tailor. We’re here to help.
We call our managers for large- and small-scale events: Invent Managers. Because that is their speciality.
Online marketing is a crucial element of strategy for the success of any business. We make sure your strategies are fresh, current, and successful.
The potential your package has to attract and retain your customers is only rivalled by the value of your employees as brand ambassadors.
Hi! We are Evista from Hungary, a digital agency focused on helping companies strengthen their brand and connect with their audience in the best possible way. Country: Hungary Established: 2003 Employees: 40+
For 16 years we’ve been making landings sites, microsites, product and company websites. We chose Wordpress/Woocommerce as the main CMS for such projects and are a certified expert in the field.
Digital product development
We create fast prototypes and test them, use an agile way to achieve the best result. We are ready to adapt our workflows to our clients’ business needs and put together a technology stack that suits the project the best.
As a digital agency we must produce the best digital product: that means not just design thinking, but creative design execution that caches the eye, is easy to use and converts the brand’s identity in the best possible way.