Image Ad Creatives for LANDO

As a project forwarding company, LANDO Eurasia GmbH specializes in Europe-wide heavy and special transports as well as global project handling including heavy and industrial assemblies.
Country: HungaryAgency:EVISTAClient: Lando

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anything but trucks

The project

According to the brief our task was to create new image ads for the client.

The Challenge

There was only one proviso: we could not use the stereotype of “trucks on long winding roads”.

The Result

We decided to found our creatives on the slogan: “Any problems with your transports? Trust in experience” Intercontinental land transport sometimes means extreme challenge and requires extreme professional experience. We built our concept around extreme and funny situations where the transport is getting in trouble. Our goal was to pack a complete action movie in the story of the creatives suggesting that extreme distances and circumstances demand extreme professionalism 🙂