Foie gras branding, print & packaging design

Hungary is the largest producer of foie gras produced from goose liver and accounted for more than three fourth of the total foie gras produced worldwide from goose liver. The Hungarian PM World Trade Ltd. is situated in the Southern part of Hungary. This area has a long history and a unique tradition of feeding and keeping ducks and geese. The company is specialised in growing, slaughtering and exporting high quality goose and duck products.

Services: branding, copywriting, print & packaging design, product photography
Country: HungaryAgency:EVISTAClient: PM World Trade

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special market, special product

The project

From a certain point of view foie gras market is fairly similar to diamond market. It is a luxury goods market with a product that can go to pot easily if it s not treated in the proper way. Foie gras market is determined by the key words: tradition and trustworthiness. The rules are strict. You can make a mistake only once.

The Challenge

On the one hand we had to create a real luxury brand that meets the highest demands of the market, on the other hand we had to overwrite the inevitably depressing feelings and thoughts that are associated with slaughterhouse products.

The Result

PM World Trade Ltd. has been working and living with our brand and product design for more than twelve years. Based on the customer feedback and the expo successes of the company we dare to believe that our branding work were successful just as PM World Trade Ltd. is on its market.