For over 30 years, Melvær&Co’s creativity technical excellence, and professionalism have shaped the voice of Norway’s most important industries.
Country: NorwayEstablished: 1989Employees: 17

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The boss in charge

Linda Voll
Linda Voll
Linda Voll CEO

Hi, I’m Linda.
Welcome to
Melvær&Co, where we have a very simple mission:

‘To make our clients’ day, by making them shine’.

Our clients range from the biggest players in oil & gas, to public health services, and the numerous
businesses, services, and cultural institutions that make up our wonderful community.
Our job, as
a full-service marketing & communications agency, is to help clients explain
their place and
purpose in the world, building deep connections with audiences in the process.


LATEST NEWS: We’re growing fast to meet demand for a wider range of services! We recently launched our own Brand Studio – Studio Blunt specialising in strategic branding, visual identity, and digital design.

Meanwhile, our digital development wing, SmplCo, is shaking up the development world by helping entrepreneurs and innovators bring their ideas to life more quickly and effectively thananyone else.
That includes Smpl’s 5-Day Prototype offer – a world first!

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A successful strategy is the lever companies have when they’re able to connect the sum total of complex information to a precise plan. Want to know how we do it?
Businesses advance when their brands are welcomed by consumers. That’s the art which we perform.
What was once the name of an inspiring global industry is losing its lustre. Today it is more misunderstood than liked. But not by us because we’re passionate about it.
Awareness is great. Activation is better. Interaction is King. We create complete brand experiences.
Still using Comic Sans MS and simple backgrounds? When it comes to web design, it’s sometimes hard to decide what works best and what doesn’t. Luckily, our designers have years of experience to back up their decisions.
The key to a good website sits with the development team and their ability to make sure that all online roads lead somewhere meaningful.
What’s Google without SEO? It’s a complicated art, but our team will make sure your business embraces its keywords and ranks at the top of search pages.
Employer Branding is not a passing fashion. The performance of a brand is directly linked to employee performance. To say hello is not enough.
51% of customers reportedly use their mobile phones to discover new brands and services. If your app is as attractive as the Emperor’s new clothes maybe you need a new tailor. We’re here to help.
lluminate your brands or projects through personal engagement and with authenticity.
Photography is not about holding a lens in front of a person or an object.
Catching the eye quickly, keep viewers glued emotionally, tailor content specifically and ask for action immediately … that’s our simple video philosophy.
Fairs are the ejector seats of marketing. When all competitors are in the same place, at the same time, talking the same game, how do you emerge as the hero?
We call our managers for large- and small-scale events: Invent Managers. Because that is their speciality.
Graphic design
ESG & Annual reporting
Print & hardcopy assets