Stavanger Aftenblad is a daily Norwegian newspaper, with a history dating back to 1893 and a reputation for shaping public discourse.
Country: NorwayAgency:MELVÆR&COClient: Stavanger Aftenblad

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The project

Our goal was to create an identity, and build a market
for, a new interactive football portal.

The Challenge

Develop a name, graphic profile and means of
marketing a new product in a busy marketplace.
In addition to having its own character, the new
profile also had to respect the graphic identity of Aftenbladet.

The Solution

We focused on not only creating a strong identity, but one
that felt a part of the football community and audience it was aimed at.
This included:

  • Choosing the name MÅÅÅL! – or Goal! – with capital letters and
    a long vowel and the “echo” of many voices.
  • Using strong colors to make the advertisements stand out on the
    various surfaces, and give a sense of the explosion of passion and energy that marks a fan’s team scoring.
  • Making sure core designs could exploit all available media, including
    interactive media, without having to be repurposed.
  • Creating a soundscape that emphasizes the feeling of football,
    the intensity, and the experience of being present.

The campaign consisted of:

  • advertisements in newspapers
  • a social media campaign
  • posters
  • online banners
  • animation on the big screen in SR-Bank Arena

The Result

The campaign was very successful, exceeding all its goals for
market penetration and subscriber uptake.

It also won several awards, including:

  • Best Initiative to Retain Subscribers at the
    International Media Network Awards
  • Gold in the Digital Graphic Design, Silver in Campaign,
    and Bronze in the Printed Media categories at the regional
    advertising and design competition