Lyse AS is an industrial and multi-utility company (including hydroelectric power, broadband services, gas distribution, etc).
Country: NorwayAgency:MELVÆR&COClient: Lyse Energy

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The project

To make both Lyse energy’s customers, as well as consumers
more widely, aware of half-truths and outright lies being
peddled by fraudulent energy providers.

The Challenge

Many electricity customers are deceived by tempting
offers from cheap suppliers… often hidden in the small print.

How could we visualize unpredictable electricity bills from
fraudulent actors when we might only get a few seconds of
customers’ attention… and not get bogged down in the small print ourselves?

The Solution

Create hard-hitting, creative visuals across all audience touchpoints,
which warned customers of the shock that awaits them if they fall
for fraudulent energy deals.

What better way to do this than to (carefully & safely!) run 180,000
volts through some actors to illustrate the shock of being conned
by fraudulent providers…?

Content created included:

  • films for the cinema and Facebook
  • billboard, newspaper ad, and banner ads

The Result

The campaign met all its goals for raising awareness among it target audiences.

One indirect compliment was several other players in the energy industry
copied the idea for their own campaigns!