Petoro: Stop and Reflect campaign

Petoro manages the Norwegian government's NOK 100 billion portfolio of exploration and production licenses for petroleum and natural gas on the Norwegian continental shelf.
Country: NorwayAgency:MELVÆR&COClient: Petoro

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The project

To communicate the incredible – almost mindboggling – success
of Petoro in a way that was accessible and engaging, and which
underlined Petoro’s understanding of the huge responsibility it
has to the Norwegian people.

The Challenge

Make Petoro and its complex story stand out in one of
the world’s biggest – and busiest – trade fairs, using assets
that would not only make the stand a destination for visitors,
but which could be reused to tell the story in different
media, after the event.

The Solution

We solved the problem of communicating giant numbers
in a chaotic environment by keeping the message simple
and to the point. We wrote the message “Three seconds” on
the stand wall, using letters made from 10,000 real krone pieces.

The value of these coins corresponded to 3 seconds of average
cash flow from Petoro’s portfolio.

The 10,000 coins, 2 x 4.5 metre, installation solved our second
responsibility, as it could be – and was – taken down and used
in an ongoing multi-media campaign.

Finally, we addressed the issue of responsibility by building a
“the tree of trust”, where visitors were encouraged to write down
what trust is and represents for them.

The Result

The Petoro booth was nominated for the prize of best stand at
the trade show, ONS.

It was extremely well attended by central target groups throughout
the conference, leading to extremely positive feedback from the client.

The Tree of Trust was particularly successful, with dozens of
conference goers engaging with Petoro and sharing their anonymous
thoughts (which, alongside the installation, were then used
for an ongoing campaign.