Wilder Müll

An initiative of the waste management department and the cities and municipalities in the district of Böblingen to raise awareness of the topic littering.
Country: GermanyAgency:Die KavallerieClient: Landratsamt Böblingen

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The project

Unnecessary, inconsiderate, expensive and in some cases even
downright criminal: littering. But together, we can take action.
Together with the waste management department and the
municipalities of Böblingen district, we launch a loud, bold
campaign in 2022 to draw maximum attention to the problem.

The Challenge

Böblingen’s waste management department, together with its municipalities,
wants to send a clear message to the boars in the district (– not to those in the forest)!
No matter whether it’s leaving the paper bag in the parking lot, the household
waste at the bus stop or even the washing machine in the forest – people
should be made clear: Littering sucks!

The Solution

The campaign uses a low-threshold approach and quick-wins to
increase awareness with the public on how to correctly dispose of
waste and motivate them to change their behaviour in the longterm –
starting with cigarette butts!

The Result

The result is an extensive campaign that has it all: Both the campaign
website, which informs about the latest waste collection and facts, as
well as posters ensure that people in Böblingen pay more attention to
the problem – and that boars are only to be found in the forest.