Die Botschafter support Varioprint, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards, in brand building and lead generation. To do this, we first formulated an enhanced value proposition and visual identity.
Country: SwitzerlandAgency:Die BotschafterClient: Varioprint AG

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Value proposition & key messaging

The project

Varioprint AG produces advanced, high-performing printed circuit boards for B2B customers from sectors such as medical technology, industry, and telecommunications. Die Botschafter developed relevant and differentiated messaging as basis for effective communication.

The Challenge

to translate Varioprint’s top performance and expertise into an enhanced positioning and marketing.

The Solution

create customer-relevant messaging as the basis for inbound marketing and lead generation activities. “Powering your Performance” is the new claim; translated for employer branding as “Powering your Career”. The appropriate imagery of high-performance sports visually reinforces this message. After reformulating the value proposition, we started applying it step by step in communications and marketing efforts.

The Result

the value proposition is a relevant, understandable, credible, and activating message for customers that puts the end application at the center and strengthens Varioprint as a reliable “enabler”. An important foundation has been laid for further communicative measures that will contribute to Varioprint’s commercial excellence.