Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway successfully employs digital sales support in its B2B sales efforts, including for its latest flagship product - the Excellence Class of the Glacier Express.
Country: SwitzerlandAgency:Die BotschafterClient: Rhaetian Railway

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Sales Apps - Activating customers successfully with the help of digital sales solutions

The project

Since 2016, the B2B sales team of the Rhaetian Railway has been using the RhB Storyteller in direct customer conversations. The content is regularly updated and is instantly available to the sales team regardless of their location at the push of a button.

The Challenge

The sales team of the Rhaetian Railway visits tour planners, travel intermediaries, and end travel providers all over the world – at their sales outlets as well as at trade fairs. The goal is to promote core offerings such as the Glacier Express. Until the introduction of the RhB Storyteller, products were presented using PowerPoint, a sales manual, and a media library assembled individually by each sales representative. The drawback was partially rigid and inconsistent messaging, as well as incomplete content.

The Solution

The sales application deployed on iPads offers greater flexibility and emotional engagement. Various content modules can be narrated depending on the interests of the conversation partner. For instance, “Train Travel as an Experience” can serve as an introduction for customers who have only known train travel in their countries as a necessary means of getting from A to B. Movies, videos, and image sliders create a seamless emotional experience. Select mood images can be customized based on the conversation partner. Detailed offer materials can be accessed from the app and can be sent via email at the end of the conversation using a shopping cart function.

The Result

And how does the RhB Storyteller perform? Jennyfer Cirignotta, Market Manager for Europe, explains: “The RhB Storyteller allows me to present our products to my customers in a simple and personalized manner. Whether it’s in London during an employee training or in India during a one-on-one conversation with a tour operator. It works wonderfully even in front of a large audience.”