Famous Swiss mountain Saentis has developed together with Die Botschafter a brand new magazine which combines inspiration and annual report in a smart way.
Country: SwitzerlandAgency:Die BotschafterClient: Saentis Schwebebahn AG

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Inspirational magazine and annual report – two in one

The project

Saentis, a long-standing client of Die Botschafter, had the vision to transform their annual report into two inspiring magazines, “minSaentis” and “dinSaentis”. The aim was to create year-round relevance and provide informative and exciting content for both the 18,000 shareholders and the public, encouraging them to visit the Saentis region with family and friends. The magazines tell exciting stories about the mountain and the Saentis region, appealing to both shareholders and the public. The design and content motivate readers to rediscover the Saentis and share their positive experiences within the community.

The Challenge

Shareholders are co-owners, guests, and ideally also fans and advocates for a Love Brand. The goal is to positively reinforce them, ignite their pride, and motivate them to encourage their acquaintances and friends to visit Saentis. At the same time, Saentis experiences should be communicated year-round at trade shows, through mailings, in personal conversations, and prominently on-site in hotel rooms, without the need to create additional brochures for this purpose.

The Solution

An inspiration magazine has emerged that presents captivating stories from the mountain and the entire Saentis region – as a surprising blend of photo reports, short articles, illustrations, and facts that entice you to linger. The inspiration magazine is designed in two variations as a compilation. “minSaentis” shows shareholders that they are part of the Saentis family and that “a piece of it” belongs to them. “dinSaentis” addresses guests in a contemporary and personal manner, emphasizing that Saentis offers exactly what each individual desires as an experience.

The Result

The inspiration magazine works year-round. “minSaentis” adorns the living room tables of shareholders. The Saentis team utilizes “dinSaentis” in both analog and digital guest communication. The magazine’s content is structured in a way that it can be converted into digital blog posts and social media posts, and further developed with specific promotions to drive conversions. This way, the magazine feeds into year-round content and inbound marketing efforts.