Turning dull potatoes into a trending brand.

Warnez, a family-owned company from Tielt, Belgium has been packing fresh potatoes since 1950. When the company opted for a resolute modernization, their communication could not be left behind and that’s where IOTTA became involved.
Country: BelgiumAgency:IOTTAClient: Warnez Potatoes

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Turning dull potatoes into a trending brand.

The project

Through its resolute modernization Warnez quickly became the country’s largest potato packaging company. To create a communication program that paralleled this transition IOTTA interviewed farmers, watched potatoes blossom and grow and got its hands dirty by harvesting them.
This extraordinary involvement provided the inspiration for designing a new logo and baseline, corporate identity, mailings, website, corporate movie, … in short everything we are good at. Thanks to a perfect combination of the right ingredients and a perfectly executed recipe, Warnez Potatoes packaging bloomed and grew into the leading potato packaging company it is today.

The Challenge

In this case the challenge was to create a hip, trending brand for what was considered to be a dull, dusty everyday product: the potatoe.

The Solution

Our solutution: GET POTATOED! With this baseline we created a tone-of-voice that elevates the potatoe from its dusty image. Together with playfull visuals and colourful backgrounds we turned the ordinary into extraordinary.

The Result

The baseline “Get Potatoed” has become a common thread in Warnez’s communication. The whole was extended to a coherent and very recognizable house style.