Goodbye Allergies, Welcome Q-Viva.

We took care of the complete launch, including new branding and fully integrated communication approach for a truly innovative allergen spray based on probiotics. These are good bacteria that break down the causative agents of allergies in a 100% natural way.
Country: BelgiumAgency:IOTTAClient: Q-Viva

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Goodbye Allergies, Welcome Q-Viva.

The project

A product that helps you get rid of your indoor allergies by removing the cause of the allergy through probiotics. Sounds good? Well it is! IOTTA plunged into the world of allergens, bacterial resistance, dust mites and probiotics to emerge with a fully integrated branding, from name, logo, sales presentation, packaging, label, display, brochure to website and even a TV-commercial within just 20 weeks.

The Challenge

The challenge for Q-Viva was that nobody really knows probiotics; the word also has negative connotations because of antibiotics.

The Solution

Our solution for this challenge was to create a positive message where probiotics are a healthy friend for all people. By using animated ‘good monsters’, we’ve made the message more acceptable and positive.

The Result

A strong brand starts with a strong, recognizable name. After an intensive name search, the name Q-Viva was chosen. A short name with the Q of quality and viva of life, because a life without allergies ensures a better quality of life. And again, we made sure all the communication was in line with this claim. We came up with a creative logo, packaging that informed and triggered sales and we provided displays for pharmacies with flyers to raised awareness. Finally, we also designed and developed an extra website.