Honda Winterwheel

Every year we devise a campaign to promote and to raise awareness for driving with Honda winterwheels
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Honda Winterwheel 2019: Prepare for the Winter

The project

To promote and raise awareness for winterwheels, we devised a campaign for all Honda dealers throughout Europe.
A bikini in the summer, a raincoat in the fall and a thick, padded jacket in the winter; just like your clothing, your car wheels must be adapted to the weather elements. That’s how we promoted driver and passenger safety and that’s how Honda launched their yearly winter campaign in 2019.

The Challenge

The challenge was to devise a new theme for something as simple as a car tire. An extra difficulty was that Honda’s winterwheels are promoted every year and our idea had to better than last year, the year before, and the year before that.

The Solution

We came up with a resolutely different idea: the key visual wasn’t a tire but instead a squirrel. Everyone knows that squirrels build a food supply to prepare for the winter. That gave us our inspiration. Our squirrel loaded winterwheels and so was perfectly prepared for the winter.

The Result

This eye-catching visual was used across the entire campaign which consisted of an in-store display featuring a winter tire, an extensive rim brochure, a counter display with leaflets, mailings, a promotional gadget and throughout social media.
The campaign raised public awareness, increased safety and pushed sales of Honda winterwheels uphill.