Together with Die Botschafter, Pistor further developed strategic management. A "map" explains the strategy process at Pistor in a simple and understandable way.
Country: SwitzerlandAgency:Die BotschafterClient: Pistor AG

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Strategy process & internal communication

The project

Making strategic management accessible to everyone in the company: To do this, Pistor relied on Die Botschafter. Key visuals, short film and flyer explain the not everyday matter in a catchy way.

The Challenge

Every company works with a strategy process. Mission, goals, thrusts, guidelines and culture – how are they all connected? And what does it mean for each individual in day-to-day business?

The Solution

The terminology of strategic corporate management was standardised and a visual “map” was developed. This shows the interaction of all central elements. In other words, the basic mechanism of how goals and directions are defined and coordinated at Pistor.

The Result

for maximum understanding, we took the term “map” literally and explained the theme as a journey Pistor is taking together to win the future. Implemented in the form of motion design, the short film takes you step by step through the theme. The people in charge at Pistor themselves acted as spokespeople, underscoring the relevance and authenticity of the messages.