Prinzen Rolle. The
role of your life.

Everything new for Prinzen Rolle in spring 2022: with a new recipe and fine chocolate cream comes a new design and a new mission: adding tastiness and fun to everyday life.
Country: GermanyAgency:TASTE!Client: Prinzen Rolle

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STRATEGYVIDEOSocial Media Content

New claim,
new positioning.

The project

To modernize the brand presence and elevate the relevance of the brand for customers.

The Challenge

Prinzen Rolle is a real classic among sandwich cookies. For more than 60 years, Prinzen Rolle has been the
undisputed No. 1 on the cookie shelf. Nevertheless, it is also essential for a traditional brand to keep
sharpening its profile, staying relevant and modern with a fresh facelift. The question was: What does Prinzen
Rolle stand for today? What role does it play in consumers’ lives? And how does the brand secure first place in
their hearts in the future?

The Solution

Prinzen Rolle is more than a sweet snack. It’s our reliable companion in everyday life. Always there when we are
having fun or facing a new challenge. We grow up with Prinzen Rolle – and sometimes even outgrow ourselves.
Prinzen Rolle is, as the claim puts it nicely: The role of your life.

The Result

Real stories, real feelings – we tell authentic family life in a striking and modern way in an emotional TV
commercial. There is no longer a need for a prince as the main or brand character. After all, every family has
its own real heroes who face the challenges of everyday life. We also make the new direction of Prinzen Rolle
visible and tangible in social media.