Enter the city jungle.

Peppermint liqueur - or “Pfeffi" - is a beverage with cult status. Especially in Berlin. With the clear premium liqueur PFEFFI, Nordbrand Nordhausen is now launching a new product under the “Berliner BärenSiegel” brand. With its high-quality design and premium character, it brings a breath of fresh air to a young, fun-oriented target group.
Country: GermanyAgency:TASTE!Client: Pfeffi

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PFEFFI — it’s crystal clear!

The project

To advertise and create awareness for a new product as part of the launch campaign.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create convincing launch campaign and brand positioning that overshadows the

The Solution

Minimalist, clear, edgy and absolutely yummy. PFEFFI is a self-confident brand. This confidence also applies to
the lifestyle of our target group: you have experienced a lot together and you know exactly what you want: the
original, where everything is just right: taste, character and style! This attitude is also the definition of
PFEFFI’s brand personality: it is your self-confident companion through the nightlife.

The Result

Welcome to our young, urban brand world: with motifs that were shot spontaneously. A rough, partly colored,
partly black and white photo style that uses the characteristic PFEFFI green as a signiture color. Headline typo
in neon-style and short copies. This independent and self-confident look and feel draws everyone into a wild
adventure in the big city jungle.