Moll Funktionsmöbel – Exhibition stand by DIE KAVALLERIE

In 1974, moll invented the world's first height-adjustable children's desk. This was also the birth of a groundbreaking idea: furniture that grows with you.
Country: GermanyAgency:Die KavallerieClient: moll Funktionsmöbel

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An exhibition stand made of cardboard? Why not.

The project

moll Funktionsmöbel is the inventor of furniture for children and young people that grows with them. Under the slogan “Imagination, curiosity & a perfect environment” moll presented desks, desk chairs and lighting concepts for children and teenagers at imm cologne.

The Challenge

How do you attract the attention of visitors to your booth at one of the largest trade shows in the interior design industry?

The Solution

That’s where we came in – and created a booth that focused on a material of our childhood and youth: Cardboard.

The Result

We used this cardboard on a large scale, creating openings, applying attachments, and using free-floating objects. We deliberately departed from the expected type of trade fair stand and created imaginative interaction spaces. This was also the opinion of the DDC, which awarded the exhibition stand bronze in the spatial design category.