Landratsamt Reutlingen – Employer Branding by DIE KAVALLERIE

The county of Reutlingen is situated in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Landratsamt Reutlingen (LRA) is responsible for the administration of the county.
Country: GermanyAgency:Die KavallerieClient: Landratsamt Reutlingen

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The project

Why do people actually work at Landratsamt Reutlingen? After we developed the logo and CD for the district office, we asked exactly this question: What distinguishes the Landratsamt as an employer?

The Challenge

The competition for capable employees is stronger than ever. For Landratsamt Reutlingen, this was clear. A campaign around a new employer brand is now set to change this. To develop the right employer branding strategy, we asked what benefits the Landratsamt can offer its employees. Who better to say something about this than the employees who already work there?

To get as authentic an answer as possible, we held workshops across all 28 offices and designed a special online employee survey that we conducted among 1.200 employees.

The Solution

Landratsamt Reutlingen sees its employees as a whole – with all their requirements and in all situations. Because of this, they are able to take a look at the whole picture – and thus to do whole or complete things, as opposed to doing things by halves. From this, we developed our claim for the employer brand, which is also the URL for the new career website:

But more than that: To make the advantages clear, we let employees tell their story. Family or career? Regulated or flexible? For me or for everyone? Clearly both! We place the stories everywhere: at trade show booths, on job ads, on the careers page, in the making-of film.

The Result

Enthusiastic employees are now happy to advertise for their employer. In the first four weeks, the measures directly caused an increase in applications by over 100% after university fairs. And people repeatedly gave feedback during job interviews that it was the campaign that convinced them. The number of applications from the administrative assistant training area is also impressive: in 2018, the number of applications was 57. In 2019, there were 179.