Kastner & Öhler - 150 Jahre

Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: Kastner & Öhler

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The project

Founded 1873 in Opava in today‘s Czech Republic, Kastner & Öhler celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. A fact that should be also emphasized in communication measures.

The Challenge

Being there for people for 150 years – a fact that is extraordinary for a department store. Some went shopping there for the first time with their grandparents. Others found their first formal dress or suit there. Whatever the individual story may be, many people have an special connection to this house. That is why these unique stories play an important role in the campaign and people can share their moments on an interactive landing page on the K&Ö website.

The Solution

The statement that expresses the cross-generational message of the campaign is: DEIN KASTNER & ÖHLER SEIT 150 JAHREN (English: YOUR KASTNER & ÖHLER SINCE 150 YEARS). A specially designed lettering as well as the patterns are used as unifying items in all advertising materials as well as at the points of sales.

The Result

The design of the lettering with the color gold is reminiscent of the iconic “Great Hall”, a symbol of K&Ö‘s long history. Organic, bold color blocks are contrasting the playful gold lettering. The models in the photo and video are shown in different constellations which open up a wide range of possibilities for communication purposes throughout the year.