Hartinger Christmas Mailing

We believe that every successful communication strategy is based on a strong brand identity. Therefore our philosophy is an important pillar of our work. It is the benchmark for our daily activities. Hartinger Consulting stands for team spirit, efficiency and openmindedness. Our Hartinger Christmas mailing acted as a reflection of those values. It doesn‘t only remind people of our creative competence, but also highlights our integrated approach to everything we do and stand for.
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The project

The Christmas mailing was targeted to all our external stakeholders, such as clients, partners as well as suppliers. This personal mailing was our way to thank people for the cooperation, emphasize the advantages of the CommUnity International network and give them something to remember us in the pre-Christmas season.

The Challenge

In 2022, we were embarking on our Christmas journey for the third time. This year we asked ourselves: What is needed for a merry Christmas? The answer we found is: confidence. Christmas brings light into the darkness. Gives joy and confidence. That makes Christmas the most beautiful celebration of the year.

The Solution

We asked the people of our partner agencies what confidence means to them. The answers are as different as they are touching. From small moments to big stories. From personal experiences to global challenges. Anecdotes that fill us with renewed courage, confidence and gratitude.

The Result

The anecdotes accompanied us day by day through a virtual advent calendar and via social media. In addition, we created a high-quality booklet with individual illustrations to the stories of confidence. The mailing was sent as a Christmas gift to our customers, partners and suppliers.