Die Bewegungsrevolution

It doesn't always have to be a sweaty sports session. Even small movements in everyday life are a booster for our health. Especially when they are simple. And when they are part of the daily routine. Playing with the kids, working in the garden, parking the car a little further away from the parking lot: These are all examples of everyday movement. The possibilities for this are endless. And so are the positive effects for our health.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: Health Fund Styria (Gesundheitsfonds Steiermark), Sports Clubs (SPORTUNION, ASKÖ, ASVÖ)

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The project

In June 2023, the Health Fund Styria, together with the sports organizations ASKÖ, ASVÖ and SPORTUNION, launched a physical activity initiative for Styria.

The Challenge

The aim is to encourage daily exercise and movement of the Styrian population. The campaign is designed to appeal to the Styrian population (all ages), especially to those who do not yet integrate exercise and movement into their daily lives. In addition, mayors should be targeted and encouraged to implement activities in their local communities.

The Solution

How do you start a movement? With a revolution, namely “Die Bewegungsrevolution” (Engl.: The Movement Revolution). The design underlines the strong concept with an activating, friendly color scheme, playful illustrations promoting inclusion and reflecting everyday movement with a revolutionary twist.

The Result

The name and slogan are powerful and rousing. The campaign concept makes it clear that even small steps can make a big difference and that collective change is fun.