INFECTED Dance Battle

As part of the Austrian fashion house Kastner & Öhler, INFECTED is a melting point for urban street style and young fashion in Austria. While the umbrella brand Kastner & Öhler sees itself as a premium fashion retailer, INFECTED’s positioning is more casual and therefore speaks to a younger audience.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: Kastner & Öhler

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The project

A fashion campaign for the fall/winter season 2021 which presented the central collections in a dance battle.

The Challenge

The aim of the fall/winter campaign 2021 was to bring two central fashion ranges in line with the zeitgeist of the young generation. This content bracket was intended to radiate returning confidence and joy of living in a time characterized by lockdowns and self-isolation.

The Solution

The storyline of the whole campaign is based on the iconic West Side Story. The two central fashion themes form two different groups that encounter each other in a dance battle. The sporty crew competes against the stylish crew. The two groups engage in a hot battle before reconciling and rocking the dance floor together. The campaign focuses on togetherness and shows that celebrating life with cool styles and hot dance moves is possible – even in times of closed clubs and social distancing.

The Result

The story was told in individual video sequences of the two crews and distributed over several weeks on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The traffic led to an associated landing page where users could find more content about the dance battle and browse the dancers’ styles. Displaying the looks in the stores and broadcasting them on video screens extended the campaign offline.