FH Campus02 – Wo aus Wissen können wird!

FH CAMPUS 02, university of applied sciences for business, is located in Graz, Austria. The future experts for technology and business study there. FH CAMPUS 02 positions itself as the melting point for future-oriented teaching, as well as for the strong link to the real economy and practice during the studies.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: FH Campus 02

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The project

The aim oft he project was to establish FH CAMPUS 02 in the minds of the target group by means of a campaign idea that is effective for a long period of time.

The Challenge

Our task was to convey the three major pillars of FH CAMPUS 02 by a multichannel campaign:

  • the proximity to economy
  • the high practical relevance
  • the high practical relevance
  • FH CAMPUS 02 as the place to be for higher education

The Solution

We developed a campaign consisting of two central elements:a catchy slogan that is immediately associated with FH CAMPUS 02, and an eye-catching visual language that visually clarifies the message and is universally applicable.

The Result

(English: WHERE KNOWLEDGE TURNS INTO SKILLS!) – the slogan puts the focus on practical relevance and distinguishes FH CAMPUS 02 from other study institutions.
In the visual language, we use the color yellow – the corporate color of FH CAMPUS 02. For this, we immerse not only the main characters of the subjects in a fresh yellow, but also objects around them.