Cristallo Recycling Mailing

Cristallo stands for innovative glass and bottle design, exactly according to the customer's wishes, as well as for extraordinary packaging. Each personal consultation starts with the idea and ends with an end product, individually designed and produced for the client. All this is possible even with a very small number of pieces, which has contributed to the success of the company from Southern Styria.
Country: AustriaAgency:HartingerClient: CRISTALLO UNICO

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The project

Through this mailing our client Cristallo wanted to promote their new sustainable packaging line for their existing B2B customers.

The Challenge

Recycled glass has long been considered of lower quality and unsuitable for design-oriented packaging projects because recycled glass contains lots of irregularities. Cristallo wanted to create a look that wouldn’t conceal the origin of the glass as a recycled material, but rather promotes these irregularities as a central asset. The mailing should communicate these goals in an easy-to-understand way to the recipients.

The Solution

The target group not only receives a sample of each bottle, but also gets presented relevant facts and information about the concept behind the new recycling line. In addition, the presentation and materiality of the mailing reflects the sustainable factors Cristallo wanted to convey.

The Result

The result is the greatest possible overlap of two design aspects: intelligent packaging and sustainability in production.