Christina’s Perfect Bread

If there’s one baker you want to virtually break bread with, it’s Christina Bauer. The exceptional food blogger, farmer and entrepreneur is well-known to have brought back the tradition of homemade bread into Austrian households.
Country: Austria and SwitzerlandAgency:HartingerClient: Christina’s Perfect Bread

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Flour Power.

The project

Christina has the astonishing ability to inspire people to bake their own bread like no other. How? She just shows how simple it really is. Yes, some things are just as easy as that. Authentic, down to earth and creative as hell she constantly surprises her community with easy yet fancy recipes, gives advice on how to integrate baking into the daily routine on her blog and leads a farm where she also hosts guest for her baking courses.

The Challenge

Christina hast not only entrusted us with her brand relaunch, also her new website was an amazing project that she realized with us. More than 300 baking recipes, a blog as well as an online shop had to be integrated into one coherent and user-friendly online appearance, ready to compete with big and well-known recipe sites.

The Solution

A comprehensive SEO strategy, an intuitive and cutting-edge search tool as well as an appealing design based on her new brand guidelines were the main ingredients for a fresh online appearance, that encourages people to try out new recipes and to stay in touch with Christina’s world of baking. Online videos, consistent imagery as well as tips and tricks in form of blogs help Christina’s audience to develop their skills further.

The Result

When talking to Christina you can feel her passion for a sustainable und healthy lifestyle with homemade products. Now you can feel it digitally as well.