Christina’s Perfect Bread - The magazine

Christina Bauer is a farmer and at the same time one of Austria’s biggest food blogger. Bust most of all she is a strong female entrepreneur who has built an amazing online community over the last few years.
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Recipe for success

The project

Christina has the astonishing ability to inspire people to bake their own bread like no other. How? She just shows them how simple it really is. Yes, some things are just as easy as that. Authentic, down to earth and creative as hell she constantly surprises her community with easy yet fancy recipes, gives advice on how to integrate baking into the daily routine on her blog and leads a farm where she also hosts guest for her baking courses.

The Challenge

Due to an unexpectedly fast-growing business, Christina needed a brand relaunch and with that a new design for her baking magazine. We were more than happy to help her with that.

The Solution

We gave Christina’s business a new Corporate Design that took into account her strong and open-minded, yet down to earth personality and defined a color scheme that worked for various purposes, such as her magazine, her website or her online shop. With that came a font that seamlessly works online as well as offline. What rounded the whole package off were illustrations that playfully supports her content whenever needed.

The Result

The new look and feel of Christina Bauer’s magazine creates a fresh and sophisticated yet inviting image that immediately conveys that Christina is still the girl next door, but there is a lot that you can learn from her. The magazine invites to browse, learn and try out new recipes for more variety in the kitchen.