Blaues Gut

The Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management of Baden-Wurttemberg has one clear goal: to maintain the good status of our waters or to restore it.
Country: GermanyAgency:Die KavallerieClient: Ministerium für Umwelt, Klima und Energiewirtschaft

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The project

Whether groundwater, lakes, rivers or the habitat around water, unfortunately
the topic is still lost in public discourse. That is why the Ministry for the
Environment, Climate and Energy Management Baden-Wurttemberg, within
the framework of the European Water Directive, wants to give the topic the
necessary boost – with the campaign “Blaues Gut”.

The Challenge

Not only citizens, but also political decision-makers should get an idea of
the importance of their regional waters. To effectively inform about the
“intangible” topic and thus to link it to current climate issues,
it first needs the necessary attention.

The Solution

“Wir machen Gewässer besser” / “We improve waters”. Under this slogan
the campaign channels a broad range of topics into a simple, clear message.
A new website serves as a gathering place for those interested in protecting
our waters. Cooperations and interactive events drive the campaign forward.

The Result

Thanks to the website as well as action profiles, the campaign becomes
tangible for citizens and politicians alike – they can jump right in and
dive into all the successfully implemented and planned measures near
them or even further away. This turns dry theory into a torrent
of great environmental projects.