AOK Baden-Württemberg – Anniversary package by DIE KAVALLERIE

AOK Baden-Württemberg is a statutory health insurance provider from the group of general local health insurance funds for Baden-Württemberg with headquarters in Stuttgart. With over 4.5 million insured persons, it is the fifth-largest statutory health insurance fund in Germany and the largest in Baden-Württemberg.
Country: GermanyAgency:Die KavallerieClient: AOK Baden

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25 years of AOK Baden-Württemberg: Wegemacher – we lead the way

The project

AOK Baden-Württemberg turned 25. This is where DIE KAVALLERIE came into play and developed the central idea for the big anniversary.

The Challenge

How often does the Minister-President drop by? If he does, it’s usually because it’s a very special occasion. In this case: AOK Baden-Württemberg turned 25. An occasion that needs a very special idea.

The Solution

We developed the central idea for the big anniversary: 25 years of leading the way for healthy living – 25 years of the AOK as WEGEMACHER.

The Result

In keeping with this central idea, our anniversary logo shows that: AOK knows the topography of the healthcare sector and designs new paths – always for the people. Because paths are only good if everyone can walk them.

Next step: A very special aniiversary magazine

From the concept to the design and editing, all the way to production and finishing – the central idea flows through the entire magazine: For the anniversary we depict WEGEMACHER in and around the AOK on 48 pages of high-quality recycled paper. The highlight: Each issue is unique.

Together with students from HdM Stuttgart, we manually finished the magazines after they were printed. To do this, we laid out the printed magazine next to each other, forming a larger canvas/landscape. With the stroke of a brush, a path was painted across the covers and each issue was numbered consecutively by hand. This is how we connected it back to the AOK philosophy: Each of the 20,000 issues is unique and important – and you need all the covers to go the right way.

The magazine was then presented for the first time at the WEGEMACHER celebration in the Liederhalle in Stuttgart. And at the event, the Minister-President naturally also received one of our unique issues. He did drop by, after all.