Crisis Management Result – Episode I


Uncertainty prevailed about the crisis duration. Some can see a second wave in the Fall yet others are slowly adopting a post-crisis mode. All cut cost and most take advantage of aid programs, renegotiated debt or collect jobless pay for their staff. In the UK these are curbed at 80% of 2.500 £ max; in Sweden, employers pay 60% and the government tops it up. Other countries control the time people can work if they are on government aid.

The new working modes drew positive comments from many:

  • I see more of my people now as I e-meet and talk with each one every single day (several)
  • Each day we have 15 min walking meetings while that is still possible and send out internal newsletters every Friday (Pamela)
  • We meet at 9 am to discuss work and have a virtual coffee break at 2 pm; our Office Dog has its own WhatsApp Club; he sends daily tips to his fans which include some clients. He spreads a positive spirit and is a perfect ambassador for Brunnen (Taru)
  • We are using new digital forms and are getting good at mastering them (Susanne)
  • Digital distance working will continue; it is cheaper for the agency and I can get the best freelance talent as many are looking for work (Cezary)
  • We have seen a huge rise in cooperation between members and that will continue (Axel)

Hugely important is that Relations with clients are improving:

  • We can get to decision makers more easily now as they also work from home (several)
  • CEOs have more time and listen to us as we try to help their struggle (Thomas)
  • Managers are more open to advice now than before (Jean-Louis)
  • We are planning to start a weekly Podcast to reach top level clients that have time (Leif)
  • We invented a virtual Jour Fix with entire teams and clients love it (Domingos)



Great ideas that worked

  1. Expanding home delivery (Pamela Nyman – Tomorro’)

We have been fast in coming up with new solutions – home delivery for a food market. Our pharmacy chain is a fantastic client; their sales increase is dramatic, and we provide all sorts of new communication. It is ideas that matter now more than ever.


  1. Using foreign subsidiaries as newsrooms (Alp Semercioz – 77Agency)

Alp’s biggest clients are airline, cruise operators and hotel resorts, all of which were badly hit. But with offices in three countries, Alp is using them as “laboratories” and feeds news from other countries to his targets on what might be expected. As result he has been invited to present to several new prospects.


  1. Syndicated websites for small businesses (Thomas Hans – Husare)

Many small business owners suffer because they lack internet presence Thomas created a “white label” e-commerce platform that includes a shop system, content plus SEO and financing by a leading bank. The entire package can be bought over 3 to 4 years which equates to selling a license. This spread like wildfire and many agencies joined the crusade.

April 2020
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