CommUnity International gathering


CommUnity International gathered 25 people from 12 different countries In Münster from October 7 to October 10, 2020 for our Fall Meeting. Further agencies participated via video call-in.
Thomas Hans, owner of host agency Husare designed an effective health concept for this physical meeting
The Factory Hotel was our venue, a former beer brewery converted into a hotel and restaurant complex with stunning architecture. One highlight of this meeting was the admission of four new members: WeThink from Copenhagen, Peanuts&Monkeys from Madrid, Kubis from Bucharest with an office in Houston, Texas, and Visibility from Bratislava with an office in Prague.

Two CommUnity partners presented their services: Language Translation Provider Lengoo and Phrenos, the Brussels based specialist for EU Tenders.

Innovative agency concepts and new service models led to intense exchanges as did the presentation of a novel product range that will be launched this Fall across multiple markets. The brand owner was jointly founded by a team of experienced product designers and one of our member agencies.
Direct access to trade negotiation experience and first-hand sales involvement will make all CommUnity members smarter. Celebrated were the weekly exchanges and productive advice at the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The weekly calls will be continued in future with a focus on cross-market collaboration.

Venue of our next meeting is Lisbon. The CommUnity Forum will operate from 27 to 29 May 2020.