SUMMER MEETUP, 25 – 26 June


More than 80 colleagues participated across two days connecting 28 different nationalities.
And while many wished they could have met face to face instead, the most amazing result was that the virtual sundowner at the end of the MeetUp felt so real. Drinks were poured into glasses 4000 km away and no drops were spilled.
You missed the meeting? No problem, here are the links:
DAY 1 (Meeting, talk and the quiz)
DAY 2 (Workshop and break-out sessions)
The same artistry had been applied to the agenda. Rather than simply copying what would have been CommUnity’s first physical meeting in Lisbon, our hosts from Switzerland and Finland structured the event around getting to know each other personally. And it was successful. In a matter of just a few hours, everyone could observe how participants moved from being a trusted colleague to becoming good friends. And the excitement and fun grew by the minute as we were taken on tours through offices and personal homes with many unexpected peeks into private lives: the favourite mug, a personal collection of toys, a walk across a private bridge into an office… one participant had actually set himself up on a mountain overlooking the nearby lake. And as the breeze ruffled his hair all felt the fantastic spirit of being part of one exciting group, of one big family.

Of course, there was a lot of “hard” work as well.

Our Co-President started a quiz testing the collective knowledge of our new Alliance. Veracity and speed determined the outcome. And when the prize was announced (one week at an agency of choice), the excitement of the winner from Germany could be felt physically, not least among runner ups from Belgium and Austria. The virtual workshops and break-out sessions produced many great ideas with unique contributions from our members in Tehran, Sofia and Athens.

When the closing bell rang all were sad. Yet the announcement of more virtual MeetUps in future alongside physical meetings produced a happy ending of this amazing event. The warm atmosphere and relaxed feelings spilled over and many kept talking with each other afterwards.