Campus 02 - University of Applied Sciences

Campus 02 is one of the leading universities in business and technology, based in Styria.
Category: Out of Home Award: GoldCountry: AustriaAgency: HartingerClient: CAMPUS 02

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Forming tomorrow’s Business

The project

As their partner we are developing advertising strategies and ensure a strong brand experience for their target audience.

The Challenge

In this case, Campus 02 was looking for ways to promote their Master programs, focusing on the extra-occupational aspect, since this a strong incentive for people who think about applying for a master’s degree. Only too often, the decision between studying and work is made in favour of work, thus leaving behind great opportunities for a successful career.

The Solution

We came up with an idea that is very close to the audience’s heart: Today’s life is full of possibilities. And we are used to the freedom to combine these possibilities as we see fit. We don’t want either/or, we want AND! The sock-combination is a phenomenon amongst young people, that goes way beyond the hipster sphere. Mix and match can also be discovered when lifting the pants of a nice suit. Therefore, we picked up this image to show what people don’t have to choose between a job and a master’s degree. When studying at Campus 02, they can have both.

The Result

The result was an award-winning campaign that showed people on a very humorous level that a master’s degree is no reason to take a break from their professional career. On the contrary, it means a fast track change to great opportunities.