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Real is a leading chain of hypermarkets in Germany; it belongs to Metro AG. Besides food, Real offers a wide assortment of household goods, electrical appliances, books, media, textiles and footwear, sports goods, and stationery. In addition to branded products, several store brands are offered including the discount label TiP (Toll im Preis - Brill in Price).
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real-TiP in a new appearance

The project

To benefit from the increasing consumer demand for own brands, Real needed to change the TiP brand image.

The Challenge

Sales of the TiP brand stagnated during the last decade. TiP did not participate in the Private Label boom. A packaging relaunch had to fundamentally modernize the brand, increase its recognition, and significantly enhance the appetite appeal of the food products.

The Solution

The TiP packaging was imbued with an image of a “trustworthy basic range” thus leaving behind its historical establishment as a “superficially cheap” range.

The Result

The TiP products show off in a new puristic and attention grabbing design. The new look conveys quality and at the same time affordability.