Since 1957, the Austrian legend Almdudler refreshes the whole alpine nation with its iconic herbal lemonade. It is well-known even beyond the borders and has become one of the most iconic brands. One reason for that success is the Austrians’ loyalty towards their national drink whose formula is unchanged since 1957. Its iconic properties are high quality, unique taste, and design.
Category: Packaging- Excellent Communications Design Award: GoldCountry: AustriaAgency: TASTE!Client: Almdudler

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More than herbal lemonade

The project

To celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary the cult drink launched a new range of products. With Almdudler Organic the brand wanted to enter the young bars scene. The iconic couple is staged in an artisanal line drawing. The idea was to combine haptics, product, design and target group to yield synergies that created an exciting as well as expressive range: Almdudler Organic.

The Challenge

Recent market research showed that Almdudler’s consumer longed for more variety and were open for new flavour experiences.

The Solution

A young, fresh and eye-catching design that complemented the range and made them “scene-compatible”. The iconic couple was retained as a characteristic brand element but modernized via an artisanal line drawing. The combination of simplicity, the use of the brand colors and the matt material equipped the product with a unique look and feel.

The Result

taste! won the Red Dot Design Award for Almdudler Organic! In 2017 and the German Design Award Special in 2019.