Trustpilot is founded in Denmark in 2007 and today it is the world’s most powerful review platform, free and open to all. The platform has over 70mil reviews for over 300k businesses.
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The project

77Agency has been working with Trustpilot across 8 European markets, delivering high-quality user acquisition campaigns, as well as improving brand visibility and awareness.

Our expertise in B2B user acquisition was fundamental in improvement on the CPA, combined with the offline data integration of the sales funnel to the interactive marketing dashboards built by 77 for further efficiency in terms of understanding how to make most of the digital marketing investment.

The Challenge

Trustpilot has a very strong brand awareness, especially in the English-speaking countries around the world. The global strategy needed to be adapted to cover the specifics of the highly diverse European markets, together with creative and copy transcreation.

The Solution

Before the campaigns went live, we analyzed the competitor landscape in local markets, understanding the user behavior on site, and developing an extensive keyword structure combined with compelling ad copy and creative for the campaigns.
Due to sales taking place offline, via sales force, we brought the CRM data to the performance dashboards, to be able to optimize the campaigns beyond the initial CPL objectives.

The Result

Thanks to our close collaboration with the client marketing team, our local market expertise, and performance focused full-service solutions (incl. localization, transcreation, data visualization, paid media, creative development etc.), we not only managed to hit the lead targets, but we did it while saving over 15% to the client.