Cofidis is the market leader in consumer credit and insurance for private individuals in Belgium. In 2019, this company had around 690,000 clients.
Country: BelgiumAgency:ExpansionClient: Cofidis

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Website optimisation

The project

Cofidis called upon Expansion to optimise and improve its website. The aim was to clarify the various products and services and to improve the visitor experience in order to be able to increase the conversion rate. We produced wireframes, created a design and developed several elements of the new website. As most Cofidis visitors order products via the mobile app, we also put in place a ‘Mobile First’ strategy to improve browsing on mobiles and tablets. We assist this client with various missions such as the creation of different web graphics, e-mailing and certain front-end developments. Result: the website benefits from optimised ergonomics and has seen a significant increase in both its visitor numbers and its conversion rate.