BMW Selmar

Selmar d.o.o. is an authorized dealer of BMW vehicles (partly also Mazda and Cit- roen) for East / South-eastern Slovenia. The client was looking for full support in marketing to increase sales and increase brand visibility.
Country: SloveniaAgency:Freezbi SloveniaClient: BMW Selmar

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Full marketing support

The project

BMW Selmar is an authorized BMW dealership for East and South Eastern Slovenia. The client was looking for an agency to give full-service marketing support and to increase sales.

The Challenge

The particular challenge of this project was that we had to use all visual materials provided by the BMW organization and also respect their style guides while simultaneously creating a distinctive image for Selmar.

The Solution

We selected the most spectacular and grandiose pictures from the BMW databank thus associating Selmar with world class importance. We designed their website in a similar creative manner with fitting copy, ran their social media channels, wrote their newsletters, organized events and implemented promotional campaigns for which we planned and bought the local media. In short: we became their full-service marketing support agency.

The Result

We asked the client for specific results to demonstrate that our work achieved the objectives. Perhaps there are security issues that prevent the publication of sales data, so we were content when we were told: “Don’t worry you achieved all our goals and some more”.