Al Duca d’Aosta was born in Venice in 1902 under the Rialto bridge as a shirt fabrics shop. Now it counts 7 shops in North-East of Italy and an online store where you can find all the best of the luxury fashion designers.
Country: ItalyAgency:Linkness | TrattiClient: AL DUCA D’AOSTA

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The project

Historically, the e-commerce of Al Duca d’Aosta had a good positioning and considerable traffic from search engines. However, the release of a new website came with considerable problems: both sales and visibility dropped significantly. The Al Duca d’Aosta asked us to analyze the problem and to find a solution that would boost their traffic and sales.

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was to remedy a bad problem with their online shop: a dazzling drop in sales and a zero visibility on the search engines. As the online luxury fashion market is extremely competitive, we had to find a bright strategic solution. The management of the site was truly inferior.

The Solution

By redefining SEO activities, we were able to improve the bad positioning; we improved language scanning, adjusted indexing and increased the site positioning by helping customers to boost the keywords. Additionally, we developed an Advertising Campaign on Google, Social Media using specific tools for more specific retargeting.

The Result

A significant increasing in search engine traffic resulted: organic traffic was tripled in 5 months and achieved important positions in search results for designer brands and related products with proportional sales increased. As an added bonus, the digital evolution has guided also new opportunities for integration in physical shops.