Hotel Olympia is a family run Hotel located in the heart of the Dolomites, in Val Badia, a paradise for lovers of summer and winter mountains’ sports. It is a synonym for passion, dedication and attention to the smallest details.
Country: ItalyAgency:Linkness | TrattiClient: Hotel Olympia

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The project

Hotel Olympia saw a potential to boost bookings and become a successful boutique hotel by merchandising its amazing location, attention to detail and the positive reviews of their guests. This is was a small project, but we did it with passion, nonetheless.

The Challenge

San Vigilio di Marebbe is one of the best-known areas for a high-level quality life. Hotel Olympia is not the only hotel that cares well about its guests. We had to push the image so that it became one of the best. We had to change the perception of the services, the hospitality and the communication structure by taking a view from the outside. It had never been done before.

The Solution

We worked on a coordinated campaign by mixing an online and offline executions and gave the hotel an original and innovative flair compared to other hotels nearby. We greatly enhanced the virtues of passion, high-quality service, warm hospitality and other small things that make it a special hotel.

The Result

The results were incredible: In a very short time Hotel Olympia was sold out three months before the season’s opening. The category on Tripadvisor was changed upwards, and the owners plus the entire staff totally embraced the new image. We trained the staff and the family to work better online and to participate more in the web communities. In short: a sum of many small actions that all worked well and that made us feel very proud.