Lagardère Travel Retail

Lagardère Travel Retail is a major player in the fast food and self-service sector as well as in seating positions, and holds a diverse portfolio of brands with Trib’s, Chez Jean, Relay H Café and So! Coffee, with 355 restaurants deployed in 32 metro stations and stations, as well as 26 airports and 160 hospitals, for a turnover of €235 million.
Country: FranceAgency:Et VousClient: Lagardère Travel Retail

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Continue to grow by listening to its consumers

The project

Lagardère Travel Retail is calling on Et Vous to launch each new card in order to understand consumer trends and expectations. We have therefore defined the seasonal conductive wires with the innovative product formats, the elaboration of commercial operations and the creation of dedicated communication media. The analysis of consumer expectations allows Agence Et Vous to support Lagardère Travel Retail in their desire to premiumize and strengthen their brands, which also requires a attributable visual identity.