How do you build brand awareness of Katjes Veggies in a playful and creative way?
Country: DenmarkAgency:WeThink SocialClient: Kajtes

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The project

The international candy brand Katjes wished to broaden the awareness of their candy being free from animal gelatin to a targeted audience in a tone of voice that didn’t have a political stance. WeThinkSocial created a digital strategy primary carried by various social medias in line with their existing strategy. We identified and mapped out their targeted.

audience and their digital behavior and collaborated with relevant influencers to reach a large audience within the identified target group. We created a creative visual identity for social media where we communicated Katjes free from animal gelatin through engaging content – animations, images, quizzes, blogposts and PR.

The Challenge

To create engaging and relevant content
Disseminating the message that Katjes candy is free from animal
To establish a campaign Facebook site as a community
for all content

The Result

Reached and engaged more than 500,000 unique users
Built a relevant community with engaging content – resulting in an increased engagement rate of 110%