Henkel’s Social Responsibility, Good Time to Appreciate

Henkel’s Social Responsibility, Good Time to Appreciate
Country: IranAgency:EsharehClient: Henkel

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The Challenge

Henkel runs the annual social responsibility campaign of “Good Time to Appreciate” in appreciation of brands customers, and in a bid to promote this culture in society. In line with this, the 2018 campaign has been predicated on appreciating the efforts of those who make our dreams come true and the loyalty of Henkel’s customers.

The Solution

We have taken it upon ourselves to appreciate what the dream-makers have done to create a blissful future. Two emotional footages have been promoted. In addition, celebrities and social influencer have asked their fans to use their own manuscripts with #Good_Time_to_Appreciate. At the end of the campaign, Henkel has equipped the library of a school in one of Tehran counties.

The Result

The campaign achievements include 19 million hashtag impressions, 6 million views and a 8.150 follower growth.