Caffe Lattesso

Country: SwitzerlandAgency:KOBALTClient: Innoprax

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Caffe Lattesso

The Challenge

Caffè Lattesso is a premium brand among cold coffee beverages. The coffee-to-go market in Switzerland is growing at double-digit rates every year. 60 per cent are sold in the Swiss home market, 40 per cent are exported.

The Solution

Kobalt was responsible for packaging design and all relevant CI/CD materials. As the purchase decision is usually made at the refrigerated shelf, we created an eye-catching design that was both impactful and memorable. It also had to be adaptable to innovative products which Caffè Lattesso planned to introduce in future. Our design had the desired flexibility so that our solution was also chosen for the latest range extension: Lattesso Vegan.

The Result

Thanks to our innovative product strategy and execution, the key competitor Emmi has been kept in second place in sales. Lattesso has a supported awareness of over 50 per cent which is increasing every year; our communication solutions are associated with this success.